Our Team

Introducing the product design and business development team behind B.Product, a dynamic and focused family of design enthusiasts.

Marco Tallarida

Founder & Principal Designer

Marco Tallarida is the Strategic Director at B.Product. For the last 10 years Marco has been harnessing the value of Intellectual Property through design – collaborating with commercialisation strategists, Patent & IP, Marketing agencies and manufacturing firms, charging design as a key innovation vehicle in differentiating the way we interact with products, services and systems.

Specialising in product design, he applies human centered design processes to their clients approach, ensuring cognitive solutions from all stages of ideas, development and manufacturing. His work has focused on designing bathroom amenities, electrical housing components, childrens’ toys, revenue systems, furniture, lighting, ad displays for digital NFC marketing campaigns, merchandising displays, and more frequently medical and lifestyle products for Australian innovators and businesses.

Osen Tejada

Product Designer

Osen is a designer who is infinitely interested in all things around and about technology, action sports and consumer product design. His continuous strive for improvement and learning not just in product design but in all aspects that come with it in order to widen his perspective and creative thinking has led him to working with various multi-disciplinary design studios before joining the B.Product Team in 2017.

Using his multi-disciplinary skills he has gathered through the years such as visual design, branding, ergonomics and methodology, he assists the B.Product team in creating and developing new product innovations. He enjoys being involved in every stage of the development.

Cristina Centeno

Marketing Director

After graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, Cristina pursued opportunities in Advertising, Promotions, Business Development, Account Management and Marketing before joining B.Product team.

Cristina has worked for several different companies over the years, including an International food company, publishing house, advertising agency, manufacturing, telecommunication, Tech start-up and Digital Marketing firm. Her insatiable desire to learn new things, immerse herself in different environments and be creatively challenged is what ultimately brought her to B.Product. She is excited to join the team and to dive into her new role.

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