Specialist consultancy and practical services for product manufacturing, to transform your idea into a product ready for market.


At B.Product, we specialise in helping you to evolve your product concept, research your end user, and manufacture the best possible version of your product to fit their needs.

We guide you through the entire process, all the way from initial creative brief to manufacture.

Our team have a wealth of experience helping our clients with high volume manufacturing (OEM) and low volume manufacturing (pilot trials).

Our service is rooted in a philosophy of design thinking, which puts the focus on your end user at all times. We see the specific manufacturing methods or industrial design processes involved as tools to reach the grand prize: a product that fits the needs of your end user. Our entire process is flexible, but bound together by our end goal.



We understand that your product requires a unique approach to manufacturing, so our consultancy service and solutions are always unique to your business. In most cases, the process of creating your strategy and implementing adheres to the following steps:


Step 1: Initial Consultation

In our first meeting we learn about your brand and product, in order to understand your market position and strategy in detail. This is integral to the selection of appropriate manufacturing methods.


Step 2: Production Evaluation Report

From the initial consultation we compile a product evaluation report, which typically includes:

  • Manufacturing and supplier recommendations.
  • Product review and design recommendations according to
    best process fit


Step 3: Manufacturing Solution

Once everything is signed off, and your comments have been fed back into the process for review, we guide you through the implementation of your manufacturing strategy.