The Best Product Designs of 2015

“Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve it maximum potential” - Thomas J. Watson Jr.


When it comes to picking candidates for “Best Product Design” there can be no real winner. Every industry and application has such different requirements and caters to a different aesthetic and function. As such, comparison becomes difficult. However, when we look in a broad sense, we can see many designs that, in the year 2015, were exceptional additions to their industry; designs which embody innovation, user desire and elegance.


Horological Machine No. 6 “Space Pirate”

On first glance, this product could be a navigational tool. A piece of equipment which would look at home on the dashboard of a spacecraft. But this device is envisioned as a fusion of childhood science-fiction imagination, fluidity and animalistic properties to create a watch which is truly unique. 

As a watch, the HM6 aims to redefine the preconceived notions of watch design, retaining the traditional mechanisms and precision of traditional timekeeping whilst imbuing it with a sense of futuristic whimsy and adventure.

This design is one of my top picks for 2015 for this reason. By changing the feel of the watch from a timepiece to something of true wonder, something which captures my imagination and builds on my love of science fiction. 


JWX-2: Power Assist Unit for Wheelchairs

The everyday use of a wheelchair can be taxing on an individuals, with small things (steps, kerbs, angles and hills) that an able bodied individual considers insignificant posing a potentially significant obstacle. There is a desire for independence and the JWX-2 aims to meet this by envisioning a system which can provided powered support to an existing wheelchair.

The core focus of the system is to be as unobtrusive as possible, not impacting the individual’s natural use of their own wheelchair. By accounting and altering function based on individual strength and usage characteristics, this design aims to enhance mobility which maintaining their capacity to function independently.

The factor which makes this one of my top picks for 2015 is that the design is envisioned as an attachment to existing wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are a personal piece of equipment, set up to meet the requirements and comfort of the individual. By understanding this, the JWX-2 represents an unobtrusive and beneficial attachment.


Scotch Tape Dispenser

This simple, yet effective, design aims to fuse the humble tape dispenser with office stationary storage to create a practical, innovative a modern desk space storage device. 

Personally, I am constantly losing all manner of stationary; pens, pencils, scissors. Primarily because I have nowhere to put it on my desk. At the same time, I spent hours searching for tape to wrap Christmas presents because I could not remember where I put it after I used it last. This is a gripe for me and, despite this, I could never bring myself to buy a storage container for my desk.

The factor which makes this one of my top picks for 2015 is that the design is modern and exciting and caters to individuals like me who are looking for a desk space container. The combination of tape and storage make this a must for my desk in the New Year.