Top 3 Packaging Designs of 2015

Give a kid a Christmas present, and you can guarantee that he or she will have as much fun with the box as the gift itself.  Packaging is so much more than a container for your product.  It can be a way to tell your brand's story, or to delight your customers in quirky and innovative ways.

At B.Product, we're always on the lookout for inspiring packaging designs.  In this article, we have taken a look back at 2015 and chosen our three favourite creations.  There were lots to choose from, but we thought that our finalists really struck that perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functional utility.

1. TAPPED Birch Water by Horse Studio

Tapped Designed by British design studio Horse is inspired by the trunks of birch trees, and is made from 75% wood. There’s nothing new about birch water, it is a traditional drink and medicinal ingredient in North America, China, and Eastern Europe. Although traditionally a cottage industry, the birch water industry has been steadily growing into newer markets beyond their usual domestic retailers, hence the appearance of Tapped. Tapped is aim to expand into and educate its new UK market of the benefits of drinking birch water.
Tapped is designed to resemble the trunk of a birch tree commonly found in Finland. The Designers cleverly linked the brand (Tapped) to the manufacturing process where the sap of the birch tree is extracted by drilling and installing a tap into the trunk of the tree.

The minimalist design distinguishes itself from its competitors. The orange, pink and turquoise labels indicate each unique flavour by wrapping around the cylindrical design similarly to how a young sapling is tagged. The designers took a holistic approach to the design, using the packaging to represent the humbling beginnings of where their product came from and also understanding where their product will end up when used.

2. Loving Earth Chocolate by Round

Loving Earth chocolates designed by Melbourne-based graphic design studio Round created a bright and distinguishable range of chocolates for their unique array of flavours. Round’s new design replaced the original Loving Earth packaging with one that commands a larger shelf presence and more creatively articulates their brand. They accomplished this with simple, large and clear typography and using common flavour-associated colours to represent product type. The cocoa pod illustrations are unusually used to subtly refer to the contents of the package. By visually raising the illustrations off the page the designers created a visually intriguing focus point for any potential onlooker.

They also followed Loving Earth’s branding to the letter when choosing materials for the packaging, with the wrapper made of plant-based material, the box made from 97% recycled post-consumer cardboard, and the labels printed with vegetable inks. The packaging indicates the considerable extent that Loving Earth will go to in order to create and distribute an environmentally sustainable product.

3. Hidraulik Modernist Rugs by Huaman

Hidraulik contemporary rug packaging designed by the graphic design studio Huaman, inspired by cement panels hydraulically pressed with a layer of coloured pigment. Hidraulic looks to bring these classic panels into the modern era by applying traditional patterns to a surface that can be moved to any room in the house.

The simplistic approach of the team at Huaman to the Hidraulik brand creates a colour palette of black and charcoal/concrete grey font, soft rounded edges, spacious layout, and a telescopic packaging design, that fits in well with the hidraulik name. The one-size fits all packaging is a unique feature and could easily be adapted and implemented into many other products.

The approach brings classic geometry into the modern era by paring it with pastel highlights to create mood and contrast within the packaging and product.  Huaman has taken a distinctly classical product and uniquely packaged it for the modern market.