What is Industrial Design?

Many people ask me: "What is industrial design?" and “What is the role of an industrial designer?

The simple answer is: Industrial design is an iterative process that is applied to designing products and more recently services that are either to be manufactured for mass production or implemented services for the masses.

The term “industrial design” originates from the industrial revolution and its name is coined for that reason – the introduction of mass production and how artisans transformed into designers for the masses. It is a role that is constantly evolving, with industrial designers’ process of cognitive thinking consistently being applied in top level business strategies, marketing and of course design of products/services.

The true value of industrial designers is that they bridge the tech talk of engineering while understanding the importance to integrate the strategic business, marketing and commercialisation value of monetising through innovative design.

Many people get confused by the term “industrial designer”. In fact I have been asked countless times, “so, you design buildings?” – Not quite... What we do, is design, develop and manufacture products and/or services. And how we do it, is the way we are processed to think problems through. Harnessing psychology, engineering, art, technology, consumer behaviour, consumer interaction alike, we draw from a broad palette of insights, which are often missed.

Through understanding the needs and wants of a product through empathic design, also known as Human Centred Design, we can better relate to the hindrances or limitations enabling us to find solutions through alternative methodologies.

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