Together we form a multidisplinary team. We have won numerous national & international awards.

We use a holistic blend of aesthetic, design, ergonomics, functionality, usability principals and mass manufacturing to create an effective product solution.


Industrial Design

We employ industrial design to explore solutions to meet marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements and arrive at the optimum design of a product. We consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects and pay particular attention to ergonomics, those factors that relate to ease of use and human behaviour.

Iterative Business Innovation

We combine design thinking and traditional corporate strategies to help clients create avenues for market growth. Using this methodology we create values added offerings that inspire organizations and excite customers. We draw associations and connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts to break new ground. Armed with a wide set of interests, an avid curiosity, and an aptitude for learning and teaching, we bring in big ideas from the outside world to enliven their organization.

Empowered Experience Design

We empower organizational transformation through a human-centered design approach. We help organisations shift from a linear methodology to an iterative methodology to help change and evolve customer experience. To this end, we conceive and develop spaces, tools, processes, strategies, and programs that prompt behavioral and cultural changes.