We create unique packaging designs, guaranteed to delight your end user


We believe that packaging design is just as important that the product inside, as it sets the tone for the experience and purpose of the product. By taking a holistic approach, rooted in design thinking, we extend our user experience focus through to the packaging of your product.

We like to keep the process simple, but there is one key factor. Your feedback. This is the secret sauce that makes our design thinking approach so effective.

Unlike graphic or industrial designers, we take a holistic approach to packaging design, which factors in an understanding of your target market and the nature of your physical product.

We understand that creating the right packaging can be pivotal to the success of your product, so we always suggest market research when necessary. Our design thinking approach is founded in the understanding of the end-user, so learning and adapting based on their feedback provides important input into packaging your product.

Through collaboration we translate your brand aesthetic and imagery into beautiful packaging, which is entirely fit for purpose. Our engineering and production expertise allows us to assess the best methods for creating cost effective design for your packaging, which can be sustainably produced for a market of any size.

Our comprehensive product packaging design service is based in Sydney CBD and our doors are open at any time. Get in touch, or drop by our office to tell us about your product.

Our packaging designers are much more than just graphics geeks. They are also experts in materials and printing techniques.


B.Product delivers product packaging that protects your product and stands out on the shop shelf.



Our service includes in-depth consultation to print, distribute and design packaging, and we can cater for individual entrepreneurs and international corporations alike. Regardless of your size, our service is tailored to your unique needs, but the first steps often go like this:


Step 1: Initial Consultation

We learn about your brand and product, to understand your vision for the packaging design for your product. We compile this information into a creative brief and set to work!


Step 2: Creative Brief & Design Mockups

Following the initial consultation, we put together a proposed plan, including design mockups, suggested materials, and product techniques. This report is presented to you and adapted based on your feedback.


Step 3: Creation of your Packaging

When you are 100% satisfied with our proposed plan, we create your packaging design prototype following the proposed production plan.