Packaging and branding now go beyond the archetype of a well-designed logo and well-crafted card box, these elements still play a critical role however  additionally consumers have come to crave and almost expect a higher level of engagement with brands, seeking more authentic, personal interactions alongside each purchase.

A beautiful brand now means giving more, and this is how to do it.


One: Consider Packaging as an extension of the product

Packaging should tell a story about the product, reveal something disclosed within in its character, highlight its cleverness or even aid in its function. Alternately it should reveal something of the brand, something worth revealing, as in the case of Puma’s Clever Little Bag, a bag which replaces their cardboard shoe boxes and drastically reduces the energy, paper and water used in the distribution of their shoes, this packaging design represents an ecologically driven ideal, which now extends into Puma’s brand identity.


Two: Understand that Packaging is an experience

Focus on the interaction with the user, that is, create experiences, not products. Good packaging projects can be realised as artifacts to meet a need or want, just as in good product design. Brands such as the Brooklyn Soap Company have used a clever material selection of real Birchwood to package their new perfume scent The Woods, the material selection alone creates a sensory experience, the natural material makes each bottle individual and gives you a clear idea of the scent before you even open the bottle.


Three: Always be Clever

Creativity is admirable, clever details in design or application of new materials, bring an element of surprise and intrigue, making memorable connections between brand and user. Nike’s Limited Edition packaging for their iconic shoe the Nike Air, encapsulated in a plastic air bubble, cleverly highlights the shoes air-cushion technology through the visible packaging display.

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