Patent Illustrations

Get professional patent illustrations for a secure application from experienced professionals.


Speak to a patent illustrator today, and we’ll get your application underway!


Our team is proud to host some of the most experienced patent illustrators Sydney has to offer. When you work with us, your patent illustration service is guaranteed to fully comply with regulations, so that you can be sure your application process runs smoothly.

We operate with a fast and efficient turnaround, so that you receive your patent illustration as quick as  2 working days. Our office is based in Sydney CBD, so if you have any concerns you can always drop by, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. We operate an open door policy for all our clients with transparency over our work and pricing.

As part of close innovation community including patent attorneys, we are used to working in collaboration. Our illustrators communicate directly with your patent attorney and ensure that all requirements of the illustration are comprehensively covered. You are able to track the process of your documentation through the attorney and illustrator, but of course we’re also happy to keep you up to date!

Our agency offers a full service product consultancy, with our philosophy rooted in design thinking. You can get our help on anything from patent illustrations, to 3D printing services, product/packaging design and manufacturing.

Choose B.Product for patent illustrations, because we have an in depth understanding of the process of taking your product from concept to market.


With our team, you receive your high quality patent illustration in record time so
your application process is not held up. 



Our experienced patent illustrators are here to help, so get in touch and they will walk you through the following steps:

Step 1: Initial Brief

You tell us about your product and application status. If you already have a brief for your required illustrations we will review it and share any suggestions at this point.


Step 2: Attorney/Illustrator Review

If we need to establish a brief for your illustration for patent application, our illustrators will contact your patent attorney and work together to draft a list of requirements.


Step 3: Your Patent Illustration

When the requirements are clear, we create your patent illustration. This usually takes around 2 working days, and is completed to satisfy all requirements for your application. If you are in anyway not satisfied with the end result you are free to request any changes.