Modé™ Illumination

Sophisticated commercial lighting fixture

Crafted from the inspirations of bioluminescent sea creatures, Modé captures that internal shimmer reflection and glow attracting you to the central glow.


Hospitality lighting that influences the mood of your guests.

Design highlights

Designed from strong alloy and customisable to various textures and colours, the Modé aims to effortlessly glide through any interior wanting to create impact.

Design in confidence

Welcome your guest to an atmosphere of warm through Modé™ Illumination


Created through minimalist influences.


Designed from strong alloy.

Customisation in various textures and colours


Mode Illumination is the hospitality lighting fixtures for hotel rooms, bar, building lobby and more.

Product Specification

Material: Aluminium
Connection: PP cord
Finish: Electroplated & Painted
Voltage: 240v / 110v

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