Nido™ Bath

International award winning design

Nido™ is an internationally-recognised bath design, and winner of the 2018 European Product Design Awards, 2017 International Design Awards & 2017 Australian Good Design Awards.


It’s shape resembles that slanting organic posture that we take while bathing.

Optimised with gravity

Designed for pure balance. The ‘center of mass’ was directly above the drain.

Customisable look

Tailored selection of antimicrobial leather headrest colours.

Watch product concept video.

Ergonomic design inspired by the natural form of the human body

Environmentally friendly

The frame is uniquely crafted in three finishes & is coated using a non-toxic and environmentally friendly plant oil wax for enhanced protection.

Heat retention

Formed by a proprietary solid surface resin that holds its thermal stability.

100% FSC solid timber


Nido has now been produced and launched in Australia & the US, as an exclusive ‘made to order’ product. Since 2008 there’s been a consistent amount of interest from Europe, Russia and the US.

Award winning Australian design

Limited 'made to order' production geared to showcase Australian Design to the international luxury market

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