Trans-king Quickstrap

A safer load securing system

Quickstrap is a safer load securing system which is inexpensive and a practical solution for logistics companies. It reduces risk when using ladders, forklifts, cages and more.

Load restraint solution

Quickstrap was designed to overcome many of today’s load restraint issues requiring winch straps under roofs and Mezzanine floors.

Safety first

It reduces risk when using ladders, forklifts, cages and more.

Practical & secure

The winch straps stay in regular position when not in use

Watch product concept video.

A stand-alone system that can be used as and when required by the operator.

Lightweight & strong

This simple and light roof beam is a robust product designed using the latest materials available.

Easy to mount

Quickstrap can be mounted to roof bows or other suitable mounting plates.

Transforming load restraint worldwide

Affordable for wider adoption

Inexpensive yet practical solution for load security that will reduce loading times, and the risk of injury to the operator and equipment damage where some operators have had strap hooks hitting and damaging roofs.

Quick release mechanism

Quickstrap can also automatically unload the strap off the carrier with a quick flick of the cord.

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