Product Consultation

Hire our expert product consultants to evolve your product and disrupt the market.


With close to a decade of collaboration with international brands and entrepreneurs, our product consultancy service offers you the benefit of our team’s knowledge. By following a tried and tested methodology, we learn about your business, product and target audience. Based on these learnings we take create your unique go-to-market strategy, covering the entire process from design to the shop floor.

Your product consultant will evaluate your existing product or concept, and learn about your vision of its place in the market. From there, we critically assess how suitable it is for market, and make recommendations on how to evolve or adapt your concept to better fit the needs of the end user.

Our product consultation includes technical assessment such as stress testing for materials, but also more qualitative analysis. The synergy of our technical knowledge and market research mentality combine under the philosophy of design thinking, to provide a creative yet practical perspective on the production process.

At this stage we can also provide simulations, such as stress testing different materials or designs. Just request this service from your product consultant. 

Unlike traditional industrial design firms, we are adept at getting into the head of your users or customers. This empathy paired with the flexibility of our approach catalyse a great environment for creativity. If you would like to learn more about our approach, read about our design thinking philosophy.


“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it…
...and what you do simply proves what you believe.”

- Simon Sinek



While your recommendation is truly bespoke for your business, our step-by-step approach to product consultation is tried and tested.


Step 1: First Consultation Session

In our first meeting we learn all about your business, product and market position. Your product design consultant will then guide you through the next stages of the process.


Step 2: Product Feasibility

Based on our learnings from your first consultation, we will make strategic recommendations for the design, manufacture and long term production of your product. We use our analysis to assess the feasibility of your product, and identify potential problematic areas.


Step 3: Simulation & Evaluation

From the foothold of the feasibility studies, and additional market research, we create a concrete evaluation of your product with recommendations for it’s enhancement. Our aim is to evolve your product, while ensuring that your brand integrity and initial concept stay intact.