We transform your idea into reality using unique processes rooted in design thinking.


Our award-winning team of product designers, technical experts and market researchers take a holistic approach to making your concept ready to disrupt the market.

Working together, we will help you to gain a deep understanding of the practical needs of your target group, and leverage what we learn with our experience in product design and production methods.

The end result is the evolution of your creative brief into a physical product.

We work together to gain a genuine understanding of your ideal place in the market, and use the huge range of creative and product design services at our disposal to make that a reality.

Unlike the traditional product designer the methods and techniques are just a part of the whole picture. You can learn more about our comprehensive menu of services here.


Our process is straightforward, but has one key ingredient. Your feedback.
This is what makes our design thinking approach so effective.



As one of the leading firms for product design Sydney has to offer, we have had the pleasure of working with both established international brands, business’, independent innovators and entrepreneurs. Our service is entirely customised to fit your needs, but our approach is tried and tested.


Step 1: Initial Consultation

You tell us about your concept, and our experts clearly define the next steps, costs and information we require.


Step 2: Creative Brief & Strategic Plan

Based on our consultation we work together to create a detailed brief and strategic plan consisting of project aims and the individual objectives to achieve them.

This brief might typically include:

  • Design research plan
  • Industrial design techniques
  • Testing of materials
  • Resource planning
  • Step 3: Product Design Process


Once you are happy with our proposed plan, we set off together on the road to success. Our policy of transparency allows you full access to our processes, because we understand your involvement in the design process is the key to a great product.