Award winning product design agency

Our product design agency goes beyond standard design and specialises in intellectual property and commercialisation.

Step 1: Book a product design consultation

Speak to our team and tell us about your product concept. We will use the information to put together a proposal for your journey from concept to successful commercialisation.

Step 2: Present our product design strategy

Based on your requirements, we put together a strategic proposal for your product. This starts with material and user requirements before moving onto an initial prototype concept.

Step 3: Product prototype creation & testing

Using our workshop of technological and industrial design tools we turn our virtual prototype into reality using techniques such as 3D printing or precision craftsmanship.

Step 4: Final product refinement & manufacturing

Once your prototype is approved we can begin the process of taking it to market. This starts with making your design retail ready, and creating manufacturing processes to scale.

Innovative material solutions

We work with some of the most innovative material solution on the market. Don't settle for matching the competition. Be an innovator and find the perfect material for your product.

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Rapid prototyping for quick results

We create and test your product design prototype in record time with our in-house 3D printer and suite of product design tools. This allows us to offer multiple revisions of your designs without missing your deadlines.

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Refine your design ready for market

We take products all the way from concept to market, and are experts in commercialisation. Our product design service includes all the finishing touches you need, from usability optimisations to stand-out packaging.

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