Build a working product prototype

We use rapid prototyping techniques to build you a high quality, functional product prototype quickly.

Step 1: Book a product prototype consultation

Tell us about your concept and requirements for your prototype. We'll make initial suggestions and complete a creative brief for your approval before our official proposal.

Step 2: We present our prototyping plan & quote

We put together an initial plan for your prototype. This will include the specification for the first iteration of your product, as well as some ideas for testing and a clear feedback process.

Step 3: Product prototype creation & testing

Using our workshop of technological and industrial design tools we turn our virtual prototype into reality using techniques such as 3D printing or precision craftsmanship.

Step 4: Design iteration and improvement

Your concept will need some refinement before it's ready for market. We make iterative improvements to your prototype creating a finished article ready for commercialisation.

We build functional prototypes

Get more than just an ornament for your mantlepiece. We are experienced engineers, always placing equal importance on functionality and design so that you can present a concept to impress your stakeholders.

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In-house 3D printing for quick scale mockups

We create and test your product design prototype in record time with our in-house 3D printer and suite of product design tools. This allows us to offer multiple revisions of your designs without missing your deadlines.

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Create virtual product prototypes

We make use of CAD software to create stunning product prototype visualisations. See your design come to life, from the computer monitor to the workshop.

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