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Imagine going to market with a product created using the latest production processes, safe in the knowledge that its design has been thoroughly scrutinised by experts. Working together we take a holistic approach to deliver a product that gives you a real edge over the competition.

Our young and dynamic team of award winning designers, technical experts and strategists will work closely with you to evolve your product for market. In our Sydney office, you will have access to cutting edge 3D printing, CAD and other technologies, plus a team made up of specialist product designers and consultants.

We have worked with international corporations, academic institutions, SMEs and innovators. Our focus is firmly on the real life application of design, using the process of design thinking. Each individual service is a possible step that can help us towards that goal, but we are by no means limited to those listed.

We are ready to step outside of the box to deliver the best results for your product. You can learn more about some of our services by clicking on the categories below.

  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Product Consultation
  • Packaging Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Visualisations
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Product Engineering
  • CAD Development

Together we will understand your end user, and create a production strategy that delivers competitive advantage.
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The processes that underlie our design thinking approach go beyond the scope of traditional industrial design firms. We take great pride in our methods of research and ideation that encourage unbridled creativity in the initial stages.

As we learn from user feedback and discussion, our focus narrows and we push towards the development and execution stages at full speed. This ensures that investment in engineering and production services are not made before the product requirements are clearly codified.