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Perfect for early-stage exploration

Concept sketches are a great way to begin visualising the form and feel of your idea. They also allow you to identify any key design constraints early in the ideation process and inform your next steps. Concept sketches are included in our fixed-fee early stage design service, called Pre-Design. Click below to find out more.

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Give your idea a professional touch

We have a wealth of experience in visualising your idea. Whether you have your own CAD model, or need one made, we will place it in a digital environment and apply the right skins and textures to produce photo-realistic computerised composite images. Elevate your pitch to stakeholders with a highly professional visualisation as part of our Visualisation service.

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Bring your idea to life

Whether you're looking for a starting point, need to test a specific feature, or want a proof-of-concept before progressing into manufacturing, we've got you covered with our comprehensive Prototyping service. We have years of experience in putting ideas through their paces and ironing out any kinks before pre-production, before they become too costly!

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We offer a range of 3D printing technologies

Want to hold and feel your idea? 3D Printing is often the fastest and cheapest way to produce an exact replica of your product. Whether you need a functional model, an appearance model, or just want to test a mechanism, we utilise a range of 3D printing technologies to produce 3D printed prototypes exactly to our client's brief.

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Digitise your idea

Almost every product requires a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model at some point. These models represent the data that computers will require to visualise, test, and manufacture your idea. CAD models are essential for any product that requires automated machinery and are the backbone of virtually every product in existence.

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Protect your idea

Do you have a unique idea? Progress it at your own pace and take the edge away from any potential competition before it's too late. At B.Product, we specialise in intellectual property design. Not only will we set you up for commercial success, we will design your product with key points of difference that you can leverage to protect your idea and stamp your authority on the market.

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Utilise our wealth of industry contacts

We've been involved in domestic and international manufacturing for over 10 years. With both in-house production services, and a healthy contact list of reliable and timely suppliers, we understand all the factors that go into a successful production run. Take the guesswork out of manufacturing and engage with us.

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A powerful first impression

We've had years of experience in commercialisation. The breadth of our design services doesn't just stop at manufacturing. Our clever packaging design portfolio has put the cherry on top for a multitude of clients ready for distribution. Win over your consumers from the start with custom B.Product packaging.

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Monetise your IP and design.

We work closely with commercialisations advisory and marketing teams to consult on ways to bring products to market.

To learn the different ways ways to commercialise, get in touch.

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Understand your product inside out.

We know that it takes an innate understanding of your market, product, materials, and key features to achieve commercial success. Undertake a design study where we answer all the questions you need to feel confident with your idea.

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Leave it to the experts

Custom product tooling is often the most expensive part of any product development phase. It is imperative that communication and delivery of technical drawings is crystal clear between both parties to avoid huge costly mistakes. We have been working with injection moulders for over a decade and understand what is required in a brief to ensure everything runs smoothly. Rest easy knowing your investment is in safe hands with B.Product.

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Still not sure?

We are a dynamic and adaptable industrial design agency. In over a decade of operation, we have seen it all. Still not quite sure? No worries, speak to one of our design professionals free of charge, and we'll show you how we can help. Give your project the best headstart with our capabilities.

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