Bring your idea to life with our tailored prototyping design services provide you with access to a range of unique and cutting-edge rapid prototyping technologies. Suitable for any stage of product research and development requiring an answer.

We work with innovators, start-ups and businesses to bring prototypes to life through a 3 staged approach,


Suitable for initial iterations of a product in it's R&D lifecycle. Mock prototypes allow you to discover and refine the form and feel of a product.

Typically non-functional, yet fast and inexpensive, a mock sample is a great starting point to develop the first steps of w

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Partial prototypes allow us to begin to understand the functionality of the product, helping to refine geometry and begin to solidify key design components of important features. Like the name suggests, they are partial, and provide some insights into functionality. Often focusing on the core essential components of a design. A perfect middle ground for someone wanting to find out a bit more about how the product might work.

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In the final stages of R&D, a complete appearance model will allow the idea to fully come to life and confirm any last appearance and functionality tweaks. These models are highly refined, they look and feel like the product and perform the same functions. Often these models are produced using one-off and small batch technologies. Higher in cost than mass production manufacturing, but a much shorter turn-around time and no minimum order quantity.

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