Intellectual Property
March 25, 2021

Design Registration vs. a Patent

Ever asked yourself, how do I get my idea patented?

Intellectual property is one of the most important components within the design of products and commercialisation.

Intellectual property, for those of you who are unaware, are ideas, creations and inventions by an individual, group or company which is protected by the law, so it cannot be copied.

Design registration and Patents both fall under as intellectual property however they refer to two different aspects of design.

* ‘Design registration’ refers to the aesthetics, and applying for one therefore allows you to protect the look of a product. For example if Coca-Cola got a design registration for the shape of their bottle, the exact shape is now protected by the law.
* ‘Patent’ refers to the function of a product. If Coca-Cola came up with a new lid design, they could apply for a patent which would protect the lids unique function.

Figuring out how to best protect your design is related to its features and is unique to every product. There are several things to consider when considering intellectual property.

1. What are you trying to protect?

2. What are the main features that differentiate it from others in the market?

3. Where do you commercially in tend to go with it?

And so on…

Patent or design drawings:

Drawings that protect your patent or design are referred to as patent illustrations or design illustrations. At B.Product we can provide both design and patent illustrations for your product. The illustrations are tailored to whether you are applying for a patent or design registration. Rules on patents illustrations differ by country and with our knowledge and expertise we can ensure that the illustrations provided will get you across the line within the given country you are applying for a patent or design registration in.

Along the way you can ensure your illustrations are done correctly and revised until you are happy with the standard. At B. Product we strive to inspire and enable commercial success for our clients. Our knowledge on Intellectual Property, design and patent illustrations + years of commercial experience working with Patent attorneys can bring you one step closer to protecting your design!

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