3D Printing
August 8, 2022

How We Use 3D Printing At B.Product

Before 3D printing came along, if you needed something prototyped, industrial designers would carve foam, machine wood, and mold clay to bring ideas to life in all different forms of fidelity. These processes are slow, labor-intensive and can oftentimes be expensive for the client.

At B.Product, we have several 3D printers which help us rapid prototype ideas in the background while we continue to work on other aspects of the project. We use our 3D printers almost every day. They speed up the product development timeline and help ideate and find answers to design problems at a much faster rate than more traditional prototyping methods.

Instead of hand carving models, we utilise a range of 3D print technologies fit for purpose to bring our client’s ideas to life. 3D printing is a versatile technology delivering us everything we need from initial proof of concepts, all the way through to functional mechanical parts and intricate multi-component prototypes. Depending on what printer we use, our 3D prints can get us closer to the product’s look, feel, and functionality than with any other type of in-house prototyping method.

3D printing allows us to rapidly iterate complex shapes and accurate details with very few constraints, meaning we don’t have to compromise on the design of a prototype in order to physically test it. Our 3D printing service enables us to show clients physical representations of their future products and the design engineering work we have completed to date. It is often the best channel of communication to get our ideas across in the later stages of the product development timeline.

If 3D printing sounds like the type of design service you’re looking for, feel free to contact our design office and find out how we can help you bring your idea to life.

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