March 4, 2021

ArtGRID Australian Manufacturing

Ever considered the benefits of manufacturing in Australia?

Ever considered the benefits of manufacturing in Australia?

With ongoing disruptions of manufacturing overseas due to COVID-19, many businesses have seen delays in the production of goods coming in, especially from China.

At B.Product we are driven to promote Australian Manufacturing to our clients in order to keep Australia as a name on the global market for both high-quality manufacturing and design.

One of the products we designed recently was ARTGRID, a modular exhibition platform, designed to display art, advertisements, photography as well as translucent panels for backlighting, in both public and private spaces. ARTGRID drives foot traffic and activates spaces, and its modular design allows it to be easily transported and installed.

ARTGRID was designed in House at B.Product for Art Production Services + Wollongong council project. Throughout the product design process there was consideration for the ability for it to be manufactured locally. Parts were designed so they could be manufactured by Australian suppliers, whilst considering design factors that could reduce assembly and labour time. Art Grid was produced with the use of a number of technologies available within the Australian Manufacturing market including, CNC welding and laser cutting.


The use of these locally available manufacturing technologies not only reduced production and assembly time but further increased local employability within Australia. There were no shipping hassles or high freight costs which we would have been incurred if manufactured overseas.

Throughout the production of ARTGRID we found ease in communication with our manufacturer, being able to visit the production site as it was local, allowing us to follow the journey along the way.

ARTGRID is an Australian Designed and manufactured product, which demonstrates the ability to manufacture locally with added benefits that can’t be retrieved as such from manufacturing in China.

At B.Product we present ourselves as both a design and manufacturing company, with expertise in mechanical product design and development. Interested in manufacturing your product locally? Send us an enquiry today.


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