August 4, 2022

Quickstrap: Featured in Australia By Design

Quickstrap, a product designed by B.Product for Transking Innovation, was featured in Australia By Design Innovations' Season 5 Episode 1 on July 24,2022.


Each week, the program spotlights the most innovative projects across the country. The show's hosts were Peter Colquhoun, Dr Brandon, and Dr Megan Sebben.

The Quickstrap is a load-securing solution designed for side curtain trucks that improve driver safety and operational effectiveness for trucking and logistics businesses. B.Product is thrilled to be a part of the product’s journey because Quickstrap is a true game changer for the trucking industry.


B.Product focuses on the creation and manufacture of products and strongly believes in collaborating with commercial partners, such as Transking Innovation, to co-create innovative designs.


Here is a quick summary of the issue that inspired the creation of Quickstrap:


A winch strap is raised 4 to 5 meters into the air after the operator loads the cargo into the truck. The operator then climbs onto the vehicle to position the winch strap.


This method increases the danger of physical harm to individuals or property damage. It also increases the risk of a shoulder injury for the operator throwing the winch.


How Quickstrap works?


The operator uses a long pole with a unique hook at the end. It lifts the strap and places it onto the slide mechanism, which the operator mounts on the trailer's roof.


The strap is then dislodged and slides down onto the side of the cargo, ready to be pulled down and fastened to the tie rail. The same hook is then used to draw a cable from the opposite side, moving the slide holding the strap to the other side.


B.Product expanded on Transking Innovation's goal to make transportation safer through co-development with them. A simple sketch of the product was developed into a wholly produced one by providing comprehensive product design and technical solutions.


How Quickstrap Impacts the Trucking Industry


Most individuals can agree that Australia's transportation and logistics sector is likely to produce billion in the income year, supporting the development of the national economy. The sector's four main sub-sectors—Road Transport, Logistics, Warehousing, and Stevedoring. The Quickstrap is created for side curtain trucks that improve driver safety and promotes operational effectiveness for trucking and logistics businesses.


There are heavy vehicle operators who regrettably continue to use tiresome manual procedures to secure loads, like holding the straps out and utilising hand ratchets. Without the proper tools, these drivers waste time and, worse, put themselves at risk for significant harm from repetitive strain injury. The ultimate load restraint innovation from TransKing, the Quickstrap, eliminates hanging straps, is simple to use and can be easily tucked away.


The weight restraint straps on a traditional bungee system are fixed, but the operator can use Quickstrap when needed. If not in use, the winch straps stay in their normal position.


This technique is reliable and requires no maintenance because there are no wheels or moving parts. Instead, the ground-level driver pulls a string or cord using a hand-held pole with a hook.


Many load restraint concerns that currently need the use of winch straps overloads and under roofs will be resolved by Quickstrap. It significantly shortens loading times and can be fixed to roof bows or other suitable mounting plates. Additionally, it avoids safety hazards brought on by the usage of cages, forklifts, and ladders for securing loads. With a fast flick of the chord, it can also instantly unload the strap from the carrier.


It makes loading assistance possible for persons of all physical capacities. Using Quickstrap makes it possible for workers to return to work sooner in a time when resources and people are in short supply.


Because of the safer procedures, insurance premiums are reduced. As a result, insurance costs are reduced when workers utilise Quickstrap.


Australia-based manufacturer of the Quickstrap slide track uses the most sophisticated flexible and self-lubricating materials to ensure the highest level of slide protection.


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